Cats Are Not Trolls

Giphy – Artist Sarah’s Scribbles

It completely delights me that cats have taken over so much of the internet. If you write about cats, post pictures about cats, draw pictures of cats, or just say the word cat, I will likely check out your blog and love your content. I can’t help myself. I’m a cat person. *cue scary music, thunder and lighting.

Giphy by catgrass

Now don’t get me wrong. I do love logs too. Just vicariously through the outgoing, assertive, run up a mountain or quiet-but-secretly-want-to-brave-the-world kind of souls who seem to keep them. I did have a dog as a youngster, but I’m not sure I could do that again, as their constant exuberance at my presence is suspicious, and I think it might just be a ploy so they can chew all my things. I guess it might be they truly understand what unconditional love is and they can’t help but spread it around pretty thick, which is just weird. Their lack of discretion makes me a bit dubious. Perhaps because dogs do not really pose a significant challenge to this challenge crazy hermit. Besides, a hermit is not a hermit if they have to go out for walkies several times a day, and I’m not keen on doing this with a bag of poo slapping my leg as I look for a bin. They are gosh darn cute though.

Exhibit A. for lack of puppy love discernment and gosh darn cuteness

Anyway, I am a cat person and I happen to have a few (because what is more fun than having one judgmental creature in the house? Two judgmental creatures! Ah, ah, ah!). These playful bundles of fluff are actually where I find a lot of my daily happiness. I did start innocently enough at one, but shiz happens with cats (and kittens are pure adorb joy) and they tend to turn into Pokémon. When you get one, and gotta cat-ch them all (heh heh see what I did there?). So I did. Or at least as many as my inventory would hold.

The first thing I’ve noticed is that there is a bit of a trolley tie in (yes! #loveyourtrolls – 2/52!) as people often give cats a bad rap. Unlike dogs, who will wait at your feet celebrating any scrap of attention you hand them, cats have a bit more dignity. They don’t ignore you (unless you ignore them first – then it’s on to the break of dawn. They may need to ignore you more. These wee killing machines are much like humans where they do seem to enjoy winning. Perhaps that’s why the challenge adorer in me loves them so), but they will not grovel (well, generally, because there are always a few who will just be cats about it and give it a go for curiosity’s sake). They also do love some meaty goodness at every meal, as they are obligate carnivores by design, so catch, kill, eat, groom, sleep may be their mantra (just ask Jackson Galaxy) but it doesn’t make them bad. Playing with their food might, but we can mitigate that with a nice game or two of catch the toy on the string and then some tinned food as a victorious and delicious follow up. Once you play with them a bit you will see that many are prone to spewing cat love everywhere, and then calmly having a nap, although that might be just to be contrary and catty, or it could just be a hairball.

Giphy – by Tutimon

So, if you have a cat, please go find them and pet them and play a bit with them. If you don’t, I would highly suggest getting one as they might just fill a cat shaped hole in your heart. Kittens may turn your life upside down for the first year (which is why they say to get two to give them a buddy and keep each other out of trouble) but an older beauty may be a calm fuzzy friend who will be there, curled up somewhere high to oversee their land (because your house is now theirs), or ready to curl up and cuddle with you when you need a friend. They have an amazing ability to reach the most unreachable hearts, if you let them.

Do you have a cat? Have a favorite post about a cat of your own to share? Or any thoughts about these furry terrifying wonders? Please go ahead and leave some cat love in the comments below. Because what just might save the world and bring us all together? Cats.