Saving the Dolphins manual edition

I came across a video of dolphins beaching themselves in Brazil from March 5th 2012 and it really kind of took my breath away. It wasn’t just that these poor dolphins for whatever reason decided to heave themselves out of the water and onto land. It was that there was just so many of them. You would think that this would be a single file type event, with just one daffy dolphin with a wandering eye getting a bit off course and bumbling a bit too close. In this video there’s actually about a dozen, and they really beach like little jet boats flying ashore. Watching it felt somewhere between watching a train wreck and watching a pile of kittens climb up a tree, but it doesn’t really compute like those would. I just had this feeling of what the heck?! and a bit of a shadow brewing in the pit of my stomach thinking this might not be good.

However, what did make this so much better was that the beachgoers did not just take out their cameras, snap a few pictures and leave them there. They were tentative at first, but suddenly they went out en masse and just helped drag them back out to sea. It was so nice to see people being selfless and kind to the obviously distraught sea creatures. And again, for this kind of thing, you expect it to be one or two do-gooder types to jump up and try to do something. But it’s not just one or two. Again, it’s like a dozen random strangers converging to help actually save the dolphins. For that moment in time, humanity shows its spontaneous softer side, and we don’t usually get to see it. And it hardly ever occurs en masse. This impresses me. It gives me a wacky little bit of hope. Probably enough to hang myself with – but I’m going to tie it in a bow for now and call it a scarf.

Come, watch humanity in action as they save some dolphins:

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