The Other F Word – Review

As a teen, I remember going to my first punk concert. Walking among the people with tattoos, mohawks, brightly dyed hair and piercings made me feel like I was coming home. This probably was somewhat ironic since the best I could do for being punk was wear extremely dark lipstick. I loved how everyone was free to wear their freakishness on the outside and felt so at home because that’s how I felt on the inside. The concert was great, and I left it covered in mud from the knees down from dancing.

Fast forward to now, and I’m still a fan of music, if not loud concerts and dancing in the mud. Now, I’m particularly happy if the melody is good and the words are poignant. I’m a sucker for a good ballad, acoustic guitar and/or a violin pretty much any time. I also tend to like songs individually, and they can pretty much run the gamut of musical genres.  A typical playlist with classical music followed by metal and then soft rock, reggae followed by oldies (and I mean 50’s-60’s rock even if the 80’s and 90’s now apparently qualify) and then punk followed by folk is definitely the norm. You could call me eclectic. I guess maturity kind of caught up, but I like to think that the dark lipsticked teen is still in there somewhere when my music gets a bit faster and louder.

Anyway enough about me already! In my journeys with documentaries I came across one called The Other F Word, which was a look at several punk rockers and how age managed to also creep up on them. Now, these rebellious icons would have to face life as a less familiar F word – fathers. It’s an interesting concept, growing old when many thought that drugs and alcohol and general craziness would have taken their lives by now. How can you be a symbol of anarchy to the masses and still be a good parent? A lot of the rebelliousness stemmed from wanting to change the system, now they are the system.

This was an interesting and entertaining journey, which was sometimes surprisingly poignant and occasionally made it a bit hard to remain dry eyed. If you have an interest in these bands, or about why people are in these bands, or what the heck do they do now that they’ve gotten older, it’s definitely worth a watch. See below for the trailer and also a clip featuring Art Alexakis, from the band Everclear:

And just in case you wanted a book on the subject you can also check out Punk Rock Dad by Jim Lindberg of Pennywise

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