Happy Halloween!

Shell out, shell out, the witches are out! Huh, you know I never really noticed the demanding nature of that saying. When I heard it as a child I think I thought it was more about shouting. I was always pretty excited come Halloween, so much shouting out did occur.

And here it is again! And I’m excited (of course I am, who can love zombies and hate Halloween?) although this time it’s a bit more about if I get any trick or treaters then if I happen to hear something go bump in the night. Aside from the dressing up, partying and eating way too much candy and after relentlessly knocking on strange peoples doors, that was yet another high point for me. Watching and waiting on Halloween night for something horribly scary to happen. Nothing ever did, but I was jived and waiting for it every year nonetheless.

I look back fondly on those days of yore, when I was a wee bairn who would don great costumes like clowns (*shudder* this was before Pennywise, King fans), lumber jacks, and that memorable time I went as Howard the duck (to ensure I wasn’t mistaken for a regular duck in street clothes I had made sure to hand letter his name in glitter on my shirt). It was a part of my childhood that I will always treasure.

I’m not sure I understand Halloween now, when parents take their kids to malls (hello commercialization! Well, ok…this is Halloween…commercialization kind of is half of it) instead of creepy strangers houses. That was half the fun! We weren’t allowed to talk to strangers for the rest of the year and then, oh man, here we were just knocking around like tiny salesman. Acting like we belonged there as we demanded candy with our “Trick or Treat!” entreaty. I guess we’re all too scared of the strangers now, parents and children alike. Perhaps the sense of community we once had is now lost. No, I know. That’s not it. It’s more about safety and warmth. And it’s easier to sue a business if you find something wonky in your candy. *Sigh* Pine for youth * Sigh*

Yet even as it changes, I think I may have no choice but to embrace it. It’s that time again where carved pumpkins rule door steps and ghosts adorn windows. Where children frolic and shamble and I too can frolic and shamble and people will mostly just think I’m festive. So I shall be festive… And skulk at my window, and peep out my door…hoping for trick or treaters…

Happy Halloween!