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I have been away because life had dealt me nasty things, one scary and one sad, which stole my desire to share and left me languishing in a mental fetal position. Since the only thing on my mind was too tender yet to talk about, it left me with nothing to say. Every path to somewhere else arrived at where I left. Dusty, despondent and speechless I sat in front of my keyboard, red rimmed eyes perplexed to find the roads of thought had became infinity symbols, endlessly looping home. Silly to have a blog then, perhaps, but I’ve never claimed to be otherwise. So, silence and I became friends once again.

Now, while the dust settles and the moon rises over the ashes that are left, I’m back to speculating what it all means. I think it might just be somewhere between everything and nothing. I still don’t know exactly what. Instead, perhaps it is better to grasp for thankful thoughts, and pleasant memories. The scary part was soothed, and all came out for the best. The sad was also for the best, although at the time it was hard to see it.

And now, it’s time again to venture forward. To shake the cobwebs from my hair and curl out from under the rock I was hiding under. Sometimes it’s nice to be alone, safe and warm, letting the silence of the dark wrap around you like a blanket. But it’s better not to stay there. Staying there makes you unstable. Or a hermit. Possibly an unstable hermit. And as much as I like hermating, it makes for dull blog pages.

So, now I’m out, ready to venture into the sun and to look at the world and all its wonders anew. It is time again to partake in the thoughts of others, and share some of my own, in this blogosphere of hope and dreams and humanity and craziness. Ah, craziness and friends, how I have missed you.

So, tentatively, one word at a time, I come back to post. Thanks for sticking with me.