Another month bites the dust

How is it possible that my last post was over a month ago!? Have I been caught in a time warp (aka TV and video game obsessed catatonia) for that freaking long?! How many times in a row can you write sentences using question marks and exclamation marks and not look like a crazy person?!? Oh. I see…

So, with winter weeks rapidly melting away into oblivion, what about my original goal to write 52 posts in 52 weeks? Has fates fickle finger flicked me from my schedule and into posting double time? Actually, no (and it really should keep its fickle fingers to itself). The fortunate thing is that I had gotten so excited posting that I was actually ahead of the game. But, just to be sure I’m not letting my inner crazy out to make up stuff, let’s crunch some numbers (cuz numbers are just so crunchy! Nom!).

This is post 35, meaning I have 17 more weeks to finish my goal, and by my count D Day (May 25th) is 17 weeks away. Whew! Wow! Ok, kinda feels like I dodged a bullet there! You would almost think I’d planned it this way, when in fact I just woke up this morning saying “Ok you. Blog time.” Fates fickle fingers may just have something to do with it. Or maybe it’s the pull of the publish button, calling like the sirens of the sea. Whatever the case may be, this time I really am back. My posting challenge to myself remains accepted, and as the starter pistol in my head bursts into blammy song, I’m off! My journey to entertain and enlighten beginning anew! Again! Really! I think…

8 thoughts on “Another month bites the dust

    • Lol. Yes! People are always crunching them. It’s possible I may have just been hungry, yet I’m sure I heard somewhere they were good with dip…or maybe a nice garlic butter…ok. Now I’m hungry. 🙂


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