Max Ablitzer – Dark violin songs


I am a sucker for the violin. There is beauty to its soft and melancholy music that resonates with my soul. I love how the sombre tones speak to me, haunting melodies that somehow reach in deep, past the place of words, to something more organic, something emotionally primal. When I listen to music, I am often most taken by lyrics. With the violin, I tend to go for instrumental where there are no lyrics to get in the way. There is no one telling you what the song is about, you just have to feel it out for yourself, to interpret it to your own ends, to let it take hold of your emotions and transport or inspire you.

So, much to my delight, I’ve recently found another artist who does soft and melancholy on the violin and piano extremely well: Max Ablitzer.

Max’s music is a pleasure to listen to for all of the reasons listed above. If you like violin and piano that is dark and brooding or sweet and poignant this is the stuff for you. And if you want more he has his own YouTube page for free streaming, or to support the artist by purchasing his stuff you can both listen and buy on his website listed in the link above.

So, if you are interested, please find below a few of the ones I like the best. Who knows, maybe you will too.

Ghost song

Fog Song

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