52 in 52 done!…Wait there was more???

Just shy of a year ago today, on May 27th 2012, I wrote this post about Morgan Spurlock’s Failure Club inspiring me to write 52 blog posts in 52 weeks. I was all ready to post a “yay me” post about actually achieving the goal (ok, so I may have posted a lot in the past week…but I did it! That counts right? Uh…suuuuure…It counts) so thought it would be good to go back and read that post, and then my sails deflated. Upon re-reading the post in question I realized there was a 2nd thing squeaked in there which I think I must have written about that day and promptly forgot about (I’m very very good at self sabotage). Apparently, not only was I was supposed to post to this blog (a nice reasonable goal) I was also supposed to complete one of my novel/novella ideas. Oh. Wait, that was part of the goal!?….Drat.


I guess I’m a little lofty in my aspirations.The funny thing is that the writing goal, which has been my goal now every year since I was able to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, completely fell off my radar as something I was supposed to actually accomplish. You know how it is, when the dream you have goes on the back burner so long that you just get used to it being there? It’s kind of like the proverbial monkey riding on your back (sans the dope and booze and it’s just that negative voice in the back of your head – what fun!), you get so used to the weight of it, the jeering little dweeb eventually feels like its become a part of you and you forget what you feel like without it there. I guess that’s kind of sad. I think it’s about time to look for some monkey off spray and get my act in gear.

What are you trying to say?

What are you trying to say?

So, here we are, week 52 and I have managed to do a slightly underwhelming ½ of what I was originally setting out for. I guess I can be half proud of myself? Instead of throwing myself a pity party (tempting for the perfectionist that I like to think I am) I think I’ll just grab some chocolate instead and concentrate on what I did do in the past year, 52 blog posts! This is still pretty good! I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also met some super people, read some fantastic blogs and found some awesome pictures. Sure, I could maybe use some cohesiveness and direction in my own blog, but the posts are still a commin’ and I don’t think I’m done yet. As to if this is a good or bad thing it is probably best for you to decide. I’ll just keep doing my thing and see where it goes.


Now for the fun part. A new goal for the next 52 weeks! I think I’ll save the planet, stop world hunger and get world peace started. Those sound reasonable right? Cuz I’m a super…person…with cape and tights. OK. Let’s go for reasonable. Should it be 104 blog posts? Up the ante to double or nothing? Or should I stick with another 52 and a finished novel/novella again, and this time actually do both? This sounds like a whole lotta writing. I will need some time for work, sleep and watching documentaries (and survivor). Can a person actually do all that and blog and come up with a 50-100 K word novel? Sounds like a challenge….I’m in! Ok. So, this is gonna kinda sound a little familiar but this time around I will post 52 blog posts and finish up one of my novel ideas. It’s an oldie but a goodie. I can do it…this time…maybe? Well, I guess we shall see. If I’m biting off more than I can chew I’ll find out in 52 weeks! Wish me luck (again…)!