Tree of Life – Hummingbirds and a squirrel – Photo post #2

So, here is series #2 of my favorite pictures from my trip, which all orbit around a single tree in a backyard I was frequenting. With only the enticement of two small feeders hung from different branches, there were some interesting guests who stopped by for some refreshments.

I’m usually one of those people who often miss out on the action, but this time there was so much activity I couldn’t miss it (ok, well, I may have taken a few pictures of random branches and no hummingbirds, but those suckers are quick and I didn’t post those 🙂 ). I belive that I’ve managed to capture about 5 different hummingbirds, and one dramatic squirrel. Through all the hubbub I also learned that hummingbirds make a bit of a buzzing noise from their wings when zooming by, and also can make a kind of chirping sound which may have been an aggressive tactic to get the paparazzi away from the tree…but I prefer to think they were just showing off (short bird syndrome). Squirrels also do this when defending their nut house (ok…seed house is probably more accurate but I think nut house sounds more homey) from lookie loos and tiny flybys.

The first hummingbird.

The first hummingbird –  lets call him Sir Redback

Then a second one comes round

Then a second one comes round, I’m thinking its a lady so lets call her Florence

And then another

And then another, who looks a little like a Polly. She does look a wee bit like Sir Redback…without the red part on her back…

And then this little guy.

And then this little guy showed up, I think he might look like a Rosso

One final bird with a striped head, let's call 'em Alex.

One final bird with a striped head, let’s call ’em Alex.


The squirrel

The squirrel striking a nonchalant pose for his photo op

And now for the dramatic pose at the nut house. It was a little fuzzy but I think he’d be ok with that.

And now for the dramatic pose at the nut house. It was a little fuzzy but I think he’d be ok with that.

4 thoughts on “Tree of Life – Hummingbirds and a squirrel – Photo post #2

  1. Had a good chuckle at your dialogue 😀 Very funny. Definitely agree with the nut house. Seed house sounds so terribly ordinary. Well done getting the pics. When I had my farm, I had more photos of sand, grass and branches than any of the birds I was desperately trying to capture.


    • Thanks! Yeah, seed house just sounds…too seedy. It was extremely difficult to snap pics of these zooming little guys but I had a lot of fun trying. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


  2. What wonderful close-ups … So many different kinds. We have a hummingbird feeder but can’t get close enough to see what kind… and we have Orioles feeding from it and their own feeder as well….Diane


    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked them!This is all mostly thanks to my camera, which has a great zoom and cut function that made these shots much better. I was actually quite far from the tree so it took up a much larger portion of the original shot. It was really neat to see that there were so many different kinds out, and I didn’t realize other birds also used the same feeder. Interesting!


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