The Yes Men Fix the World – Review

YES3DVDThe Yes Men Fix the World is a movie about the Yes Men, a daring duo who go to great and amusing lengths to expose big business’ dirty laundry to the masses by creating beautiful lies.

You see, by setting up fake websites pretending to be people from Dow Chemical Company and various others in big business, they just sit back and wait for people to contact them for interviews and conferences. Then, when they go, they make up fabulous lies about what the company is doing which basically highlights problems they are covering up. It’s sneaky genius!

By posing as a Dow company rep for a BBC interview and saying they were going to make amends and pay for the clean-up of the toxic site that occurred 20 years ago in Bhopal, as well as help the survivors who still have medical issues, the company lost $2 billion on the stock market in 23 minutes. Even though the hoax was quickly debunked by the company, this fake interview created real world ripples that helped bring attention to something that truly needs correcting. This was noted as the worst industrial disaster in history where over 550,000 people were said to be affected. Although Dow purchased the company that had the problem (Union Carbide) and thus the site of the toxic waste, they refuse to take responsibility for cleaning it up, leaving the area to keep poisoning the current residents with toxic waste and contaminating the water.


I can appreciate that people may be peeved to find out that their investments took a tumble over a hoax, but I think that if you support a dirty uncaring business, this is kind of to be expected. Besides, according to the Yes Men, Dow went on to spend 10’s of millions of dollars to clean up their image in 2006, just a short 2 years later. So, it seems to me that the previous loss was just a drop in the bucket (they had annual sales of $56.786 billion in 2012). Why they didn’t spend a million or two or even less on clean up of the area to boost their image leaves one to wonder how much they truly care about the “human element”.

Critics of the Yes Men’s high jinx always seem to quote how their lies always hurt the poor people affected by giving them false hope, but in interviews with people in India and New Orleans we see that this isn’t necessarily true. People are happy when issues that are being swept under the rug get brought back into to view since it might just mean that someone might actually do something about it this time.

So, if you are interested in watching some zany bold faced lies and somewhat scathing satire,or just want to know more about the above pictured survival balls, find out by giving a go to the clip below.

Happy Viewing!

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