Solar Taxi – Review

Solar Taxi


Solar Taxi is a cute documentary that focuses a Swiss teacher, Louis Palmer‘s, quest to fulfil his dream to drive around the world in a solar vehicle. The result is an interesting journey, encompassing many countries, and shows the interactions he has with the people he meets along his way.


I think the thing I liked about the film was watching how the different countries responded to his trek and some of the interesting tidbits that you learn that come with global travel. On top of that, his ability to interest top level officials and celebrities was amazing. Seriously, I don’t know of many other movies where you can see Prince Hassan bin Talal (from Jordan), Jay Leno, Larry Hagman (the guy from Dallas), Ban Ki-moon (the UN Secretary General), and James Cameron (yup, the guy who did Avator and Titanic) among others all making an appearance. Everyone and their dog elephant was interested in checking this thing out.

walk_of_fameHis dedication to his dream is inspiring, so if you are looking for a global jaunt film that tackles environmental issues in an upbeat way in under an hour, you may want to try this one on for size. Also, at 30:56-31:13 or so into the film there is a solar mobile song that totally made me chuckle, but unfortunately I was not able to find it anywhere on-line or credits in the film about who made it, so you’ll just have to watch the film to see the gold I’m talking about. 🙂

I could find a trailer though, so if you’re interested in giving this one a spin, here you go:

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