Save the Farm – Review


Once upon a time there were 14 acres of land farmed by 350 families in L.A. It fed the families, created a community hub and was a green space that also provided a farmers market for people to be able to purchase locally grown organic food. Then the big bad developer came in.

I can’t say too much more about Save the Farm as its only 31 mins long. However, if you are interested about this community’s story or watching cameo’s from Willie Nelson, Alicia Silverstone, Amy Smart, Daryl Hannah,  Floyd “Red Crow” Westerman, Danny Glover, Joan Baez, John Quiggly, Julia Butterfly Hill & Tom Morello, well than this might be 31 minutes for you.

Wanna watch the trailer? Here it is:

Want some more resources? Try these:

Official website of South Central Farmers

South Central farm – Wiki article


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