Drinkable book?! – Waterislife.com


I found something kind of neat in the fight to provide clean drinking water to communities in need that I just had to share with you. Water is life is a charity who’s goal is to provide clean drinking water as well as providing hygiene and sanitation programs to communities in Haiti, Ghana, Kenya and India. Their main product was a straw that when submerged in a water source will filter out water borne diseases and is good for a single persons use for approximately one year.

Now they’ve come up with something that is super cool, because it’s in the shape of something I love. See below for info on the all new drinkable book!

2 thoughts on “Drinkable book?! – Waterislife.com

    • I think it’s hard to say, but I like the fact that it is supposed to last longer than the straws they hand out, as I believe they say it should keep a person going for about 4 years and the cost is also much lower. Hopefully it does catch on, I think it could do some good. 🙂


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