Dive! – Review


Is your food precious? Do you appreciate it?  Do you find yourself tossing out the fresh food you buy because it’s been left to go bad in the fridge? This has been a big problem for me since I’ve been trying to eat more fresh produce because I’m quite lazy and preparing fresh food takes work since you have to, like, wash it and cut it and stuff if you want to take the time to make up something tasty that isn’t just plain produce.

Since I tend to grab things randomly without always checking the back to see what it’s about, it surprised me that Dive! was a documentary about food waste, and dumpster diving with the intent to eat what you pull out. You heard me right, they eat what they pull out.


The idea of eating from the trash is not new, and I’ve seen people picking through garbage in film quite a bit, be it for a quick snack, or even creating full meals for large groups like one of the people working in the dump from the movie Waste Land. It’s something I always felt a mix of disgust and sadness about. Not so with Dive! in this movie, written and directed by Jeremy Seifert, they dove in dumpsters from grocery stores and pulled out food that was still bagged and priced and had been thrown out because a single item in a bag or carton was bad or meat that was usually a day or so before the expiry date. It looked just like the food in my fridge, only free.


The film wasn’t just about the hordes of meat and fresh produce he was getting to feed his family, which included a young child, but focused on talking about the amount of food that goes into the garbage, and the other ways this could be utilized in order to feed the poor of the world, or even just locally. Although he said he still did go to the store, the diving worked really well to supplement what he needed and they often get so much of one food they would need to freeze it for later. It went so well at one point in the film he estimated that they had a years supply of meat in about one week of diving.

Since the movie strives to be informative, it talks about fun (?) facts in food production, consumption, and basically encompasses the issue from a variety of angles, and uses quotes like this one, interspersed throughout the movie as scene breaks:

“In truth we have become lazy and negligent about food, and we are blind to the true costs of wasting it.”

-Waste by Tristram Stuart

I’d say this one is definitely worth the 53 minutes, and might just change the way you look at your food.

Here’s a trailer:

And if you are looking for other reading material on this subject you can also try:

American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and What We Can Do About It) By Jonathan Bloom

Waste: Uncovering the Global Food Scandal By Trisram Stuart

Help end food waste – the David Suzuki foundation (which includes a sheet about what should go in the fridge and what can stay on the counter)

7 ways to reduce household food waste – Cbc.ca

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