101 post – boop, blorp…yeah, I don’t know either

It’s a bit hard for me to believe that I have this many small thoughts floating (crawling?) around in the interwebs, but as of this post, I’ve actually made 101 of them. It’s kind of surprising.

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OK, well, maybe not quite that surprising, but you get the idea. Blogging has been a lot more fun than I first imagined it to be, and time sure does fly when you’re having fun. In fact it feels like it was just the other day when I wrote this post…oh wait…ok, that one was just the other day. How about this one. It’s hard to believe that was written over a year ago and I haven’t really written anything better. Initially, I was thinking of using this blog to be more of a writing exercise place, however, since I’m both conflicted and lazy many some posts have fell kinda flat…


But I think that’s OK. This is how one grows as writer. It defines my style with a kind of je ne cest wtf (which one pronounces woof…and that F can stand for whatever you like, perhaps I meant fudge. I like fudge. Mmmmm…fudge… ) that one needs to set themselves apart. I revel in my mediocrity. You see, because then it’s a treat on those special occasions when a post didn’t fall quite so flat and did a bit more lurching around like something undead. I tend to like undead things because I’m weird , because they always want you…for your brains , because they are often misunderstood,  just because ok, I can’t explain it, oh wait maybe its because I like thier tenacious won’t take no for an answer and I’ll shamble along if I’m alive or not ha ha brains attitude  because I like to cheer for the underdog, or the undead-erdog…whatever, what I’m trying to say is that it makes the better posts all the more special to be able to bring that spark of life to the page. Even if it’s more of a half life. It’s a  Frankensteinian dream. Even if it’s just in my head.

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To share random thoughts with others out there has also been extremely sweet. Plus, going around and reading all the fantastic things that you guys write and do makes me want to do better. And the fact that you come here and comment and like it is quite the morale booster. When someone reads and comments on a post, or if I get a like it really has been the final boop on the nose that I think has kept me beating at the keyboard (see, this blog is actually your fault 🙂 ) it’s nice to know that some of you might care. Not a lot, but a little bit. And that is much more generous than I probably deserve.


So, thank you to all who have given me a boop (Alright, now that sounds weird…some things just sound better in your head). Thanks for taking the time to click and encourage me to write. It feeds a dream I once had to be a writer, and although you may be cautioned not to feed the animals, it makes this little animals heart do a blorp of joy, which is not as rude as it sounds, I assure you. Thanks for bearing with me.

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