Tiptoeing out of the closet with a few challenges!

So, lately I’ve been itching to come back and do some writing because for the most part, lately, my writing life consists of work e-mail and shopping lists. I’ve been fumbling in the dark in the back of my deep hermit closet and the longer I’m in here the more I realize that it isn’t really very fulfilling as a writer wannabe (although it is dark and cozy, so I guess that helps). I want to be a writer…so, I gotta write (right?!).

I would like to start getting into the habit of putting fingers to keyboard again and I found that blogging really helped unstop the block (who wants to be blocked? Ew!). There was something so sweet and satisfying about writing a post and hitting the publish button that I realize I’ve really come to miss it. So, I think it’s time to take another kick at this kitty. (I’m so sorry kitty, poor thing. Want to hide in the nice closet? I think I’m outta here for awhile.*fingers crossed*)

Since I always wanted to be an actual paid author, I really need to expand my current body of work so I have something I can actually be paid for (although I write a mean shopping list for any takers out there – just $5 per word!), and I don’t mean by adding toilet paper and potatoes to my grocery list…although…hmm, I should probably do that…One sec…

OK! So, now that that’s taken care of, what am I going to write about this time? Hmmm… I’m not sure that mindless rantings in stream of thought prose are still in vogue… disappointing… One should at least try to pick an exciting topic, I guess. Something to challenge the old grey cells…Something to challenge my writers stamina…I know! Another challenge (surprise!!)! Last time I dared myself to do 2 things and managed a respectable (yup, that’s what I’m calling it) 50/50. So, how do I make the next challenge more exiting? I think the answer is obvious. Up the stakes to…


Oh, yeah! ‘Cuz 3 just isn’t good enough.

So, I’ll give you an update on my progress in each category every week for cheers and jeers and also include some more delightful reviews of books, movies, documentaries, pathetic attempts at humor writing (so you can laugh with me…yeah…with me…) and whatever else falls out of my… brain. And since we both know that stream of thought posts happen, you might see one or two of those also. Maybe.

Just to put it out there all official like, so I can be accountable to the interwebs, here’s the official challenge list:

  1. I’m going to blog once a week, minimum, for the next 52 weeks – again!
  2. I’m going to write something – again! I started a screenplay and have many a novel and short story pending, so I’m going to mostly work on the screenplay and see if maybe I can manage to finish that by this time next year. Although earlier would be better…
  3. Draw once a week. Yup, I’m just creative like that (and humble, did I mention how humble I am? Really! That’s why I have a humble tattoo, right beside my my superstar tattoo…on my face). Recently, I’ve put pencil to paper and realized something vexing. You see, what is in my head looks like this:                                See adjacent text. And what’s comes out on the paper looks like this:

    Mona with a cape?

    So, apparently I need to practice at this stuff so it doesn’t look like I’m drawing with my feet.

  4. Draw & write with my feet. Yup. I said it. That’s what I’m going to do. Why? Well, why not? We’re gonna but the CHALL back in…oh that’s not going to work. Anyway, maybe it will be fun! Or informative! Or I’ll get a massive toe cramp and make a funny face (which you will not see as I am still posting anonymously, but I will try to convey in words and/or characters like :S)! Anyway, we’ll talk about this more later, but in a nutshell I want to see what kind of change I can get in the dexterity of my tootsies and the end results if I practice consistently for one year. Who knows, maybe my hands and feet can compete in next years challenge? The possibilities!! It’s all scientific like!  For now, here’s my starting point:

    Mona – Left foot – seems to be heavily influenced by Picasso…or maybe the 80’s…


    Mona  – Right foot – There is actually kind of a face in there! Perhaps I’m right footed?

So, in the end, I guess we’ve learned that I actually am a better artist with my hands. Sweet.

Until next time!