So what’s with the feet art?

Yeah, I know, it’s kind of a weird add-in to my usual challenge-y madness, but frankly, I was just kind of curious. Here’s the story. Recently, I had found out about the work of Katy Bowman, author, blogger, and scientist. She basically talks about how body alignment works with your overall health and how important that may be for relieving pain, and preventing future health issues. The line that got me went to the effect that since we wear shoes our whole lives to protect our feet from unnatural footpaths and debris, we are stifling their normal ability for movement. Much like putting on a pair of leather mittens, for several hours each day, would do to our hands.

So, it was really this idea that got these wheels a’turning. If I actually spent some time each day stretching out and using my feet for some more fine tuned motor skills, how much could I improve my own dexterity and mobility, and how quickly would this improvement be noticeable?

Hence, drawing and writing with feet! Sure, I could just look at my toes and see how much movement I get out of them in measurements, but that would include actually showing you my feet for real impact, and that just aint that appealing to me (also, there is a lot of sick feet things out there online which I was kind of ignorant of, particularly when I stumbled into the wrong twitter hashtag. *Shudder* Who’d a thunk that was out there? Poor innocent eyes…).

Anyway, from that tidbit a challenge was born! And speaking of those, how did I do this week?

  • Blog post 2/52 – check
  • Writing in the screenplay – check – word count up 1550 this week
  • Drawing – check – twice!
  • Feet writing & drawing – check

From that last one I’ve also learned that my left foot has a dumb. In just the few practice writing/drawing sessions I’ve had so far I can feel my right foot coming along nicely with the grip and tension on the paper so that it feels a bit more natural (?!?) each time. My left foot is not having any of that. It’s much harder to grip the pencil, keep similar or any tension, and it keeps getting in the way of my view on that side. So, in a word…awkward! And also awkward, even though it feels much different, it still looks pretty similar, so there isn’t going to be a blue ribbon in penmanship coming any time soon…

So, am I crazy? Or have I tweaked your curiosity just a little bit? Wanna try some foot art?

OK, well, maybe not yet…However, I do think everyone might benefit from checking out Katy Bowman’s books and or blog, but don’t just take my word for it! Here’s some reviews and links to her work you can check out:

Book Review: Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman – Huffington post – Eden G. Fromberg

Alignment Matters by Katy Bowman – MuTu

Don’t Just Sit There: Transitioning to a Standing and Dynamic Workstation for Whole-Body Health – Amazon

Whole Body Barefoot: Transitioning Well to Minimal Footwear – Amazon

Until next time!



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