The Cast of Buffy Reunites!


Photo credit – James White for EW 

I’m not sure if you noticed that I am a bit of a Buffy fan but I got super excited today when I found out that People/EW did a Buffy reunion show and photo shoot! Were you a fan? Are you interested in finding out tidbits about the show you maybe didn’t know? I sure did!


Photo credit – James White for EW

I found out a bunch of cool things but the one that surprised me most is that Joss Wheaton actually wrote the screenplay for the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie that the show is based on. That really is kind of an obvious (Duh!) point now that I think about it, but in all honesty,  I had no idea he was the original creator! *Blush* Also funny to note, was that I refused to watch the show for a really long time (and only got into it somewhat recently – considering it started 20 years ago) because I loved the original movie so much and thought that a spin off wouldn’t be true to the original. Yup! I owned it, re-watched it often (how funky is your chicken!), and loved it as the crazy horror buff I am, but never once bothered to look at who actually wrote it. For someone who has been trying to be a writer since I found out what they were (and started my first screenplay in primary school and got 39 pages in before I realized I was just rewriting scenes from some of my favorite shows) this is sacrilege of high order! And I called myself a fan! Boo for me! Boo I say!

But that was really the only boos I have today. It was so cool to see everyone in one place talking about the show. And although there were quite a few neat tidbits that I found out that were new to me, I don’t want to spoil this for you! But I will show you a teaser to whet your appetite:

The photos taken are so awesome (I have a link to the series of them in each caption – check ’em out!!), and everyone looks so good (of course they do) but I think my favorite might be this little inside joke one here:


Photo Credit – James White for EW

So, if you are/were/or think you could be a fan of this super awesome horror/comedy/drama series (and yes, it does surpass the original movie) you must watch this (annnnd its freeee!!), and then talk to me about Buffy stuff in the comments below! Yess!! Do it!! Here’s the link to where you can watch this now:

Watch Buffy’s Reunion Show on People here (sorry, no embeds!) 


And for this weeks challenge er challenge update:

  • Blog post 17/52 – just 35 more to go!
  • Writing in the screenplay – writing is still happening… What a great weekend!!
  • Drawing – has happened, needs to happen more though…35 more to go – but it’s happening!!
  • Feet writing & drawing – Yup, done and done. *sigh* great day!!

Until next time!


7 thoughts on “The Cast of Buffy Reunites!

    • You are most welcome! And boo for Netflix, some things should just never be denied, I say! The first time I saw the series, and they introduced Dawn, I was a little perturbed. Just plopping her into the show like that and then making you wait a few episodes before we understood why seemed like a weird thing to do. Did you ever get to finish the end seasons? What did you think of the reunion show?

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      • I think I got to watch the end seasons back when they aired, but that was so long ago I’ve pretty much forgotten what happened! As for the new show, that’s my treat for when I’m home alone & crafting on Monday 😀

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      • Enjoy! 🙂 I’m lucky that Netflix in Canada still has Buffy and Angel available but it’s too bad they change it up from country to country. I wish everyone got the same shows! I’ve got my fingers crossed they bring it back sometime. 🙂

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