Staring past the darkness

The wind blew her hair in dancing tendrils

Medusa’s snakes on the hunt for something to strike

so much pain in her heart she was blind

to the dark waves rushing towards her

and flowing away beneath her feet

the cacophony of traffic behind her

but a murmur

compared to thoughts that raged as she wept

upon metal railings that were so cold

they numbed and burned her skin

oh, how she wanted to be numb

she clutched it with fingers turned to talons

straining to hold on

using the pain to fight the pain

trying to shut out the thoughts inside that whispered

Let go…

and then he appeared beside her

a stranger

looking bored

he leaned over the railing and said

“That looks cold”

he turned to look at her

brushed his fingers

feather light and lightening quick

to release the few strands of hair

clinging to the river of her tears


and walked away

it was that moment that she knew

sometimes healing is a choice

and only she alone

could save herself

So she did.




And for this weeks challenge er challenge update:

  • Blog post 19/52 – 33 to go!
  • Writing in the screenplay – Check!
  • Drawing – Check!
  • Feet writing & drawing – Check!

See you all again soon. 🙂


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