Discount Armageddon by Seanan McGuire – Review


I really enjoyed reading the short story Red as Snow in Fiction Rivers Hex in the City. There was something about the characters that just intrigued me, so I did a search of my local library’s shelves and was delighted to see that the InCryptid series, which was the series that the characters in this story hailed from, was there! I had to give it a try, and am so glad I did.

This story follows Verity Price, a young dancer/waitress who enjoys staying in peak physical shape by crazy games of rooftop parkour. She’s smart, sassy, and classy but she has a family secret: We are not alone. No, it’s not aliens. It’s cryptids!

Cryptozoology: The study of and search for animals and especially legendary animals (as Sasquatch) usually in order to evaluate the possibility of their existence.  – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

You see, hidden in plain sight throughout her home town of Manhattan, and the world at large, are various populations of species that pass for human (or not) and Verity’s family has made it their business to protect, study and occasionally hunt them if they are dangerous and can’t otherwise be reasoned with.

“Verity is a winning protagonist, and her snarky but loving observations on her world of bogeyman strip club owners, Japanese demon badger bartenders, and dragon princess waitresses make for a delightful read.” —Publishers Weekly.

This series is an easy read that’s lots of fun if you like humour, sarcasm and a wee bit of violence in your easy reads (I can’t be the only one with my hand up here right? How about you, in the back corner? You with me on this?). There is a varied array of cryptids that she works with throughout the story, which can create some interesting dynamics and some memorable characters. The ones that I loved the most, and feel completely stole the show for me, were her Aeslin mice. These little cuties are a highly intelligent and religious species of talking mice who keep track of their current deities bloodline by living with them, so are camped out in Verity’s closet and wander about her home. They celebrate various (and often banal) conversations and activities with cheering, dance and/or song, and forget nothing. However, they can be bought off to worship quietly in their closet home with various foodstuffs, such as cheese or cake.

Hail! – Aeslin Mice

If you are looking for a series of supernatural awesomeness that doesn’t take itself too seriously, look no further!

Have you read this series? I’d love to know your thoughts!


This weeks challenge er challenge update:

  • Blog post 23/52 – 29 to go…
  • Writing in the screenplay – Good here!
  • Drawing – Check.
  • Feet writing & drawing – Check!

Until next time!


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