Ode to a Cat

Paws knead a happy rhythm

and I need nothing more

every day when I come home

you’re there at the front door

When you purr there’s magic

and comfort radiates

and you always listen

when I pontificate

The little paws I’m wrapped around

make me so content

It matters not that you eschew

to help to pay the rent

You may prefer the empty box

instead of what was in it

or decide to tear around

the house as you see fit

There may be fur on all my clothes

but that is just your way

of letting others know I’m yours

should I go out to play

So you see this ode’s to you

because in the end

I will always love you too

my little furry friend


This weeks challenge er challenge update:

  • Blog post 32/52 – only 20 more to go!
  • Writing in the screenplay – Check
  • Drawing – Check
  • Feet writing & drawing – Check

Until next time…