The air hangs heavy

In preparation for the storm

Clouds layered and roiling

An intricate landscape

hues of grey and blue

shades of purple

Looking down on a land

blanketed in darkness

and although some

may go and hide

I will stand outside

lift my face up

in defiance

of distant clouds

twisting the air

because I want to see

the hidden wonder

lighting up the world

with bursts of flame

dragons racing

glimpsed from the corners

of my eyes

nature at play

and as the rain

crashes down

there is nothing

left to fear

soaked to the skin

I will take it in


This weeks challenge update:

  • Blog post 35/52 – only 17 to go!!!
  • Writing in the screenplay – Still falling behind here, and hoping to catch up
  • Drawing – More falling & hoping
  • Feet writing & drawing – S’OK 🙂

Until later…


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