The branches

of the tree

flail the air

grasping at the form




to embrace it

a thousand times


greedy talons


to hold it close

but nothing

touches the


shadow shape


you can’t

hold on

to a ghost


This weeks challenge update:

  • Blog post 38/52 – Now only 14 left!
  • Writing in the screenplay – On the to do…
  • Drawing – This too…
  • Feet writing & drawing – Done!

See you all again soon…



2 thoughts on “Debris

  1. I just came back from Wales to find your poem posted on the ‘ghost’ Quadrille. Thank you so much for sharing it. I love the way you have portrayed debris as the ghost of something that was once alive – and I love trees! The form of the poem fits the meaning so well, too. We only have a few weeks and we’ll be having a two-week break over at dVerse, so it would be great if you come on over for the prompts and challenges we have to offer for the rest of June!

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