Some people seem to think for surprises, you are either in the love ’em or hate ’em camp. I’m sort of in the on the fence camp because what you mean by surprise and what I mean by surprise could mean two very different things. I don’t like groups of people surprises (hermit + gathering with lots of people= bad) but if someone decided to give me a surprise pie, or million dollars, really, it would just be rude to refuse. I guess the line really gets drawn on if it is a nice surprise (which likely everyone is in the yes camp for), or an unpleasant one.


Tom feels surprise cucumbers fall into the unpleasant category.

For unpleasant surprises, the one I hate most is the joke. I remember attending someone’s wedding (or some other dressy event) as a small child and seeing a favorite boyfriend of my aunt with a box of chocolates. He was always trying to be funny, so this seemed to be a good place to hang out, and I remember feeling overjoyed when he asked me if I wanted the box (I may have been eyeing it – kids are not always subtle, but I know I didn’t ask for any while he was eating them. That would be rude). Score! On opening the box, I found it was empty, and he laughed quite a bit at this. I, however, found this joke in poor taste (particularly due to lacking of any taste of chocolately raisiny goodness – ha ha, I do remember the candy type that I missed out on!). So, trickery surprises = unpleasant.



Another unpleasant one to watch out for is the jump out at you surprise. Generally, people are looking for some kind of response like this:



However, this has the chance to backfire. For those of us who are a little faster acting on the self preservation selection list, something like this could happen:


Surprisers beware (or just be prepared to defend)!

Sometimes you can surprise yourself. It’s nice if you can do so in an empowering or positive way. (I would like to thank the academy…I never knew I could lift a truck off that poor defenseless pie…When the barista says they are out of your favourite coffee you try something new- and it’s good!) but due to the Law of Murphy it may end up looking more like this:


Yet, all these unpleasant surprises aside, there are still lots of good ones on the list, like the surprise ending of a great book or movie…and the aforementioned pie or cash. And really, anything that can make you make this face can’t be all that bad:


Do you have any feelings on being surprised? What camp do you fall in? If so, I’d love to hear your comments. Surprise me. 🙂



This weeks challenge update:

  • Blog post 46/52 – Six to go! 🙂
  • Writing in the screenplay – Um…
  • Drawing – Er…
  • Feet writing & drawing – Done!!

Until tomorrow!


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