I’ll Give You A Sign

You might call me a malcontent

and you might be right

but when I see all your signs

it makes me want to fight

why can’t I go on the grass

why do I have to stop

why are you always closed

when I try to visit your shop

back in five minutes

doesn’t help me now

and have a nice day

just provokes somehow

so I ask for one small favor

if you’d be so kind

please just put your signs away

so I don’t lose my mind



Written for dVerse’s – Poetics: And the sign said…


This weeks challenge update:

  • Blog post 48/52 – 4 to go! 🙂
  • Writing in the screenplay – Still no… I have a screenplay?…ha ha…no I don’t…*sigh*
  • Drawing – And no….*sigh*
  • Feet writing & drawing – Done!!

Until tomorrow!



18 thoughts on “I’ll Give You A Sign

  1. First of all, I love the poem and the little dog clip! Second, I wanted to mention a sign that drives me crazy, perhaps it bugs you, too. It’s when a shop has a sign that says “Shut” instead of “Closed.” It just seems so rude.

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