A Workers Lament

Day in day out

it’s all the same

early to rise

for others gain

homeward bound

when the sun sets

crawl through the door

take care of pets

I know this is supposed

to be the best time

I’m finally home

not enslaved to the dime

but I’m just so tired

now that it’s just me

so I eat a bowl of ice cream

in front of the TV

as the seconds tick by

and before I’m recharged

it’s time for bed

so to it I barge

to do the same thing

another day

this loop is depressing

I have to say

I need to break out

Just have to figure out how

something must change

I should probably start now…


This weeks challenge update:

  • Blog post 49/52 – 3 left!
  • Writing in the screenplay – *sigh*
  • Drawing – *sigh*
  • Feet writing & drawing – Done!!

Until tomorrow!


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