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Once upon a time there was a person who loved to write. They loved books and stories and could find some amazing jewels of information in even the most dark and gloomy texts. They were of the idea that there was great sorrow in this world, and also great joy, so both needed to be considered equally and neither should be hidden, and thus made inconsequential.

Life, in its essence, had become a quest for information, for hidden truth, beauty, pain, and the overcoming of obstacles. Yet it was still a journey, in flux, changing with the winds from day to day. The path, once so straight, meandering into the sunset, and then coming back again, chasing the clouds. Pouring rain in bright sunshine. Mists crawling from the earth. Sunshine burning through the mists. Rinse. Repeat.

They found that the greatest challenge in life, sometimes, was just to keep going. Sometimes, it was most challenging keeping their eyes open, to see what was truly there, and looking beyond their own perceptions and misconceptions. Some things are hard to see, but if truth is courageously shared, then they felt duty bound to see it and share it alike.

If they can touch one life, or two, along the way for the better…If they can be the change they want to see, to show the truth that many hide from…If they can be strong and champion for the wounded and voiceless…If they can dream without limits, love without condition, and care without being asked…If they can be kind, even when it’s not warranted…

And, if they never give up being fascinated with the unknown, with knowledge, and constantly seek the reason behind the fantastic and strange…then they might just be able to live happily ever after.

And they might just write a blog about it.

25 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks for visiting “I Heart Webby”–it’s really just a chance to practice some escapism by chatting about my dogs and all their frivolous antics πŸ™‚ I *do* also wear my “serious” hat on occasion to blog about various social issues, so please feel free to visit my main “portal” site, mzjennylee.com. I really enjoy the social commentary on your own blog~~ especially since environmental issues are something I take to heart, but haven’t really started blogging about…yet! Looking forward to reading more!


  2. We may never know the extent of our influence on just one person. Thanks for stopping by My Hmmm Collection and clicking the Like button.


  3. Thank you for visiting our blog!! You’ve a really interesting site! Particularly that post about chocolate. I also have a chocolate addiction, but never knew it had such dark links! I’ll off to research more!


    • No problem, it was fun! I’m glad you enjoyed having a look and that it may have inspired you to look more closely into the chocolate industry. The better aware we are about issues, the better choices we can make. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for your lovely comment.:)


    • Hi there! I kept clicking on this blog thinking, why don’t I remember it? I totally remember the gavitar. Then I found your shedward blog and it all fell into place. Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll have to check out both of yours. πŸ™‚


  4. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and “liking” a few posts. I hope you like what you read in the future. Also, I look forward to seeing what you post on your quirky blog πŸ™‚


  5. Hi! Beautiful! You express yourself so well. I wish I would be able find words to express my thoughts like that.
    I am also constantly soaking up knowledge and information, because I’m just so curious to know and learn about so many things.Thank you a lot for following my blog!
    Have a wonderful day and evening,

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