Crap crap and the elusive bunny


Welcome back friends. Pull yourself up a cobwebbed Victorian era chair and plop down here for a musty minute. Don’t mind the clouds of dust rising from the decrepit furniture… it’ll settle. You may have noticed I kind of like creepy things. Like my new doorman. He really sets the mood, eh? He’s a funny little guy. Mmwahahahahaha! *Cough* Cough* (stupid dust). Creepy cute though he may be, he also makes a good mascot for this post because he loves sorting through the trash, and as you may have noticed, my blog is kind of a hodge podge of crap. I hope that you find it good crap (like a delightfully quaint garage sale with a little literary corner over here, a pile of old CD’s over there, some art and science stuff over there, and if you are really lucky, and willing to dig for it, you might even stumble upon an occasional gem!) and not just crap…uh…crap (know what I mean?).


So, why is it that I can’t pick a topic and stick with it? Is my attention span really the length of a-SQUIRREL!!


Um….What was I saying? Oh yeah, a topic. Well, you see, what I’d really love to be when this blog grows up…is funny. Occasionally. Or just regularly making a guest appearance (cue canned studio applause – we recognize that guy!). It would be great to not just give you little interesting tidbits of oddness, but to make you (and me) smile just a little bit while doing it (I’d even take a smirk, snort (ha ha!) or eye twitch, I’m really not that picky). I think when it comes to good writing, emotion is key, and although there are a plethora of emotions to try and poke with your writers stick, the funny bone is often the most pleasant. Which might be kind of sad since for some reason funny often eludes me (unless we might be talking about looking, which is why I blog anonymously. See what happens when I crawl out from under my rock?).


Poor kitty. No one wants that. I think that another reason I haven’t posted more humor might be the material I pick to write about doesn’t exactly lend itself well to this medium, but it also may be that I’m just a little bit like that kitty myself. I’m scared. OK…maybe not exactly the hands-up-in-the-air-mouth-gaping-please-just-go-back-under-that-rock kind of scared, but maybe just a wee bit nervous because although I love it, humour doesn’t always come naturally to me. I sometimes have to work for it. I can sit there looking at the blank space that posts are supposed to go into hoping for some funny, and feel my muse straining at the start line like he might need a little prune juice to stretch his hamstrings or something. How does one get the funny juice flowing? How do you do it? Is there a big mug o’ funny that I can get a ‘stache from?


Perhaps not. Perhaps one must just take the bull by the horns, jump on the cutest meme generating site that they can find and go for broke. Just try it on, like new clothes, or a bunny suit. You never know. There is a good chance it will fall flat. There is a good chance that people will think you are an idiot. That’s OK though. You are supposed to write what you know, right? I know I’m weird. I know my posts are kind of random. So, here’s to random funny weirdness! Because every once in a while, when the moon sits just right and the stars align to throw out prefect shadows that reflect ones true inner self, we can change it up. Or at least get it out of our system. I can don the bunny suit of comedy and hope that some bunny out there is laughing. Even if it’s just me.

download (4).png



And for this weeks challenge update:

  • Blog post 12/52 – check
  • Writing in the screenplay – check – word count up 1506
  • Drawing – check!
  • Feet writing & drawing – check.

Until next time…