You Can’t Lick Your Elbow – Review


I have to say that I just love National Geographic programming. I don’t know if it was a youth dedicated to nature documentaries that started it, or what, but I have a soft spot for most things that display that little yellow box.

So, when I heard about a show called You Can’t Lick Your Elbow, directly after trying to lick my elbow, I set about trying to find a way to watch it.


The concept of the show is to illustrate the many ways that your body works and all the weird and wonderful little hacks that can help us use it, and the science behind why they work. Season 1 is only six thirty minute episodes so you can cram your head full of neat hacks in a short period of time (or, you know, pace them out so that you actually retain them, whatever is more your thing…).

My favorite episode was the last episode in the series, Pain and Gain, which showed some neat hacks on how to make it hurt less getting a needle, how to push on your face in a way to reduce sinus pressure (handy for colds and allergy sufferers!) and how looking through reversed binoculars (or the bottom of a glass) at a pain site can trick the brain into thinking the part is farther away and apparently will reduce pain, blood flow and swelling to an area. Weird, eh?

Intrigued yet? If not, here’s a few tantalizing, and slightly gross, clips!



And for this weeks challenge er challenge update:

  • Blog post 18/52 – just 34 more to go!
  • Writing in the screenplay – Still doin it!
  • Drawing – Still doing this too.
  • Feet writing & drawing – All systems go. I find it’s all about the grip. Once you have the right one, it’s quite comfy and control is much better, so some letters are really straightening out and looking like an older grade school student. Woo!

See ya later!