The Big Fix – review

the big fixThe irony of the BP oil spill occurring on earth day was not lost on the makers of the documentary The Big Fix. Their film is an interesting look at the after effects of the BP oil spill in Louisiana, and although this happened in 2010, the effects are still being felt by the residents, industries and ecosystems today. Even worse, although the news may not be reporting on it anymore, the oil may still be seeping, causing further damage.

In their 90 minute documentary, Josh and Rebecca Tickell explain how the spill that covered much of the Gulf of Mexico was cleaned up by BP with chemicals that were, particularly when combined with oil, even more toxic to the residents and wildlife than the spill itself (although from a media standpoint it did make the oil spill look smaller by breaking it down into smaller particles – “Look ma, no oil!”). With interviews of the local fishermen, people effected with lesions, and some baffling footage of FDA approved smell testers deciding if seafood is ok for public consumption, this documentary is an extremely interesting look at the problems and unsettling after effects that persist in the region to this day.

This movie was well filmed and quite watchable, and although you are aware they are going in with the big business is bad attitude, it’s kind of hard not to agree with most of their arguments, particularly when one of the film makers health was effected due to being in the region while filming. And, as a somewhat related feel good bonus, the special features show how to order and install a kit to get your car running on a gas blend to help break the dependency on oil in your auto.

So if you’re in a bit of a mood to rage against the machine or the man (depending on your rage-ey prerogative), or interested in conspiracies in general, try The Big Fix on for size.

Here’s a clip: