Farmageddon – review

Today I watched another documentary, Farmageddon, and really quite enjoyed it, partially because it was well done, and partially because I’ve lately been developing a keen interest in food and where it comes from.

Farmageddon is about small farms in the US and highlights several instances where the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been persecuting small farmers. Sometimes it has to do with permits, but many of the reasons presented seem sketchy at best. Now, I went and checked out the USDA’s website and found that they have a banner ad on their home page saying “know your farmer, know your food”, which seems to counter what this particular movie is about. Is this movie just the biases of several begrudged families, or is this banner ad on USDA’s site a bit of damage control to counter the movie? Probably, there is a bit more info found somewhere in the middle ground, but still, the case Famageddon makes is quite persuasive.

The movie itself talks to various small farmers, particularly those in the raw milk industry, and other organic businesses, and how there have been some very scary seizures and multiple raids to small farms and co-ops where families and children have even been held several hours at gun point. How could this be? Do we really need swat teams scaring children over unpasteurized milk? Find out more by checking out the movie, and as always here’s a trailer to whet/suppress your appetite.

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