For the Eclipse prompt

he stood on the street corner

a son, a brother

an artist

he loved to hear the music

of voices on phones

and pigeons cooing

and the gentle shhhh of tires

consoling wet pavement

quieting the pain

a shadow that haunts him

here, among humanity

he was not alone

and it had no power

he was not curled and rocking

in the dark

he was in the sun


to be reborn

on the brink of change

a tentative smile

his eyes searched them all

as he held his sign

covered in smudges

like he was

he was like every one else

who walked by

a mirrior

yet not

for most didn’t see him

their eyes skipping over

the dark spot

on the pavement

humanity eclipsed

until the one

that mattered




And for this weeks challenge update:

  • Blog post 11/52 – check
  • Writing in the screenplay – check – word count up 1000
  • Drawing – check!
  • Feet writing & drawing – check.

Until later…