Chasing a dream – Choi Sungbong

Although I’m not exactly a fan of the “Fill-in-your-country-here’s Got Talent” shows, I do tend to pick up odd performances here and there that are posted to YouTube. With over 63 million views, this might be a clip that you have already heard about, but I saw it for the first time today and couldn’t help wanting to post about it.

The clip below features Choi Sungbong who auditioned to Korea’s Got Talent last year. He tells a bit about his story, which includes living on the streets for ten years, and with a little bit of digging I found there was also a Wikipedia page, a  Facebook page and multiple news articles that verify his story. Although he did seek out musical training I don’t think that diminishes the fact that he overcame some pretty crazy and harrowing ordeals to get where he is today.

Stories like this make me feel hopeful that people can change their lives for the better, if you have the spirit and the tenacity to chase your dreams.