You were meant for me

I found you on the internet, but that’s kind of usual these days. I clicked in to find out the things that made you tick and you just sounded so yummy I knew there was no going back. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I had to have you. I knew you were supposed to be the flavour of the month, but I hoped you would last longer and go the distance.

It’s not that I was obsessed. No, it was just that I could feel the rightness of it all. My brain had fixated on all the little details that came together to form the very essence of everything that would complete me. I pictured us cuddled on the couch watching TV while the cold spring rains beat against the window. Your heat would keep me warm. I would melt into your sweetness and it would feel like home.

We met in real life at a tea shop, the trendy place for all the cool kids in town. I was a bit nervous, hoping I wasn’t expecting too much, putting all my eggs in one basket. Yet, with my hand lightly resting on you, I could tell we were off to a good start. We went round the corner to a bench and I just breathed you in. You were a bit nuttier than I expected, and dark, but like tends to call to like, and you soothed my inner darkness, brought out my inner nut. It was the best day this May when I found you, and my instincts on that internet site were true. It was love at first sight, and the first taste was heaven. I love you, Chocolate Macaroon tea from David’s tea.


This is my first daily post prompt attempt.


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