The Muslims are Coming! – Review


The Muslims are Coming! is a movie about a group of Muslim comedians who go on a tour of the south western United States to try and put an end to Islamaphobia and stereotypes prevalent since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. I personally love it when people try to break down barriers and bring people together so I found it quite enjoyable. The comedians made their attempts with gusto and I thought that some of their tactics for meeting people on the street to promote their show and their agenda were pretty cool, with topics like Ask a Muslim, Name that ReligionHug a Muslim, or Bowl with a Muslim


I think the only issue with the film is that it does a bit of foot shooting when it comes to the fact that they are trying to break down barriers by doing occasionally raunchy comedy. Now, it’s not really bad and I have definitely seen worse, but it does draw a line in the sand if you are looking for family friendly material. In fact, there is a scene where a group of Muslim girls leave in the middle of Negin Farsad‘s set and she talks about how this kind of rejection particularly upsets and hurts her. I can understand this, as it seems that the men in the comedy act are given a bit more leeway on being “rude”, so it’s a double standard to expect a woman not to be and be particularly offended if they are. Yet, on the other side of that coin, if you are at an event with children, or just have a high moral standard, and someone is being vulgar in a way that goes against your values it’s not really surprising that you might leave. So, it’s a bit of a sticky sided issue that can be interpreted different ways, particularly if you think that using a religious word in an act title should mean that it’s going to be a more family friendly type of event.

Still, if you are able to withstand some occasionally raunchy humour, the movie itself does a really good job of pointing out the problems and mistruths circulating about the Muslim community and does it in a positive way and is often pretty amusing. Considering the topic can be a bit heavy I think it’s an overall success if it can leave you with a smile.

Here’s a trailer, but be forewarned that it carries an F bomb, along with a really good message: