Stories We Tell – Review


I wasn’t sure about this movie going into it. I usually like most things that Sarah Polley is involved with, but she also tends to have the remarkable ability to either create or be part of something that can make you a wee bit uncomfortable. It’s a fantastic talent to have in the film biz, and she’s fabulously talented. Yet, hearing she is involved with something often fills me with a sense of equal anticipation and unease. I want to see anything that she’s a part of, but I remember the tip of the blade sometimes lies within, like tainted Halloween candy, and I have to make a decision. Is it worth the risk? The answer is usually yes (well, not with actual Halloween candy decisions. I would like to be a little captain obvious pants and strongly recommend a no there.), but you just need to respect that something pointy might be in there somewhere…maybe…


With Stories We Tell, there was nothing to be worried about, except perhaps for how other film makers can possibly aspire to capturing the same level of awesome from what basically comes down to several family coffee sessions. The concept is fairly simple. She interviews a gang of her family and others and asks them about the family story and then weaves the interviews together so that we can see the whole thing through everyone’s eyes. While you watch you have no choice but be swept away in the secrets, the emotion, and the amazing story that unfolds. There is so much drama and intrigue you almost forget that it’s a documentary.

It’s awesome, and judging by the 30 nominations and/or awards it’s won, I’m not the only fan. Wanna peek? Check out the trailer: