A Blah, Steve Earle and One more cup of coffee

Today I have a blah. It is neither a good thing nor a bad thing, but a plain old neutral blah. I don’t have the blahs, as it’s not quite so bad as pack of blahs, a family of blahs (or perhaps they call that a horde? Or a murder of blahs?). I think it is just a single blah. Sitting smugly on my head, keeping me from being both constructive and interesting and mainly trying to get me to watch random TV and eat ice cream. Mission accomplished blah. Good work.

It is hard to blog with a blah, as it tends to get in the way of the good words, like a cat standing on a novel you are trying to read. As Yoda says: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

“Do or Do not. There is no try.”

Huh. OK, so maybe trying to blog isn’t an option either. Stupid blah day…

Instead of magical words of interesting delights and socially conscious ideas I will instead leave you with a cover of a song I recently discovered. I realize that this may seem to some that I have been living under a rock, but well, livesinstone is the name of the blog, so maybe it’s not that far off…Maybe I can blame the blah. Hmmm…he’s looking at me funny now, perhaps not.

Anyway, simply because I like it (even before I heard the sweet violin part) here is Steve Earle & Lucia Micarelli’s cover of Bob Dylan’s One More Cup of Coffee. I hope you like it too. May it chase your blahs (and mine) away. Those babies can be murder.