Plastic bags = bad?

I’ve recently watched a documentary called “Bag it: Is your life too plastic?” by Suzan Beraza and I really enjoyed its many messages. It is the story of investigating the plastic bags that are part of our daily shopping experiences and where they come from and where they go. Although you can probably guess at most of what the documentary goes into if you really think about it, it is interesting to know that plastic bags are normally made from oil, which is a non renewable resource. The impacts of where bags and other plastic ends up, and the effects on ecosystems and human life is also super interesting so I’ve included a trailer below and would really recommend taking a peek to find out more about bags. It’s time to decide if you will “bag it”.

10 thoughts on “Plastic bags = bad?

  1. I’ve developed a collection of what would ordinarily be termed book bags, and use those instead of plastic bags almost always. I’ve also found that buying non-processed foods has also greatly reduced the volume of trash I produce.


  2. Sunset magazine ran a piece last spring, or maybe it was 2011, about a Bay Area family that went completely green. It involved massive effort at first but they gradually rid their lives of all things that are not “eco” friendly, including, of course plastic bags. Fascinating idea.


    • I have to admit, that idea really appeals to me, too. I’d love to be able to do something similar, but get caught up in the massive effort it takes to begin. Sure would be nice though. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


  3. This film picked up momentum as it went along and cleverly combined a bit of appropriate humor with some really scary information (more plastic was manufactured in the last ten years than in the entire twentieth century).


    • I too found it quite eye opening. There are some really interesting points here that I didn’t really spend a lot of time considering pre-viewing, so I’m really glad I found it and that so many people have had a chance to watch it.


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