Young@heart – review

When I watched Young@heart, I fell in love with this movie. I just couldn’t help it. I went out and bought it, because I just really didn’t have a choice. It’s so beautiful, heart warming, hilarious and sad; I may just dare you to try it out and not feel the same(Should you get the urge to watch it, and I hope you do, it apparently can now be found on Netflix!).

Young at heart is a documentary about a travelling chorus group of seniors, by the same name, whose average age is 81 and who do contemporary music. Yup, you heard me right. These enchanting seniors are singing Bobby Brown, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Sonic Youth, Coldplay and others. This in itself may not sound like it would be very impressive, but there is something very different about a group of the aged singing the Bee Gee’s staying alive or the Ramones I wanna be sedated. This movie tells the members’ story as they get ready for the big show, and you get to meet the individual singers, learn about their lives, their health issues, and how the power of song and community has changed their twilight years into something extraordinary.

Below I’ve got the trailer, an interview with who directs the group, and my favorite performance of Fred Knittle doing Cold Play’s fix you with his aspirator softly keeping time in the background.