Tick Tick Dra-ma-Tick

edit clock

It hangs there on the wall mocking me

Smug round face surrounded in calculated distance.

Tick Tick Ba-da-Tick

Something is off

I was supposed to get a call by midnight

Tick Tick No-call-Tick

I was supposed to know

That you were home by now, and ok.

Tick Tick Not-right-Tick

It’s 11:59 and the only sound in the house

Is this maddening tempo

Tick Tick Ha-ha-Tick

I think it’s mocking me

My head is down on the table waiting it out

Tick Tick Con-stant-Tick

It could drive you insane

That sound, endless, coldly uncaring

Tick Tick And-a-Tick

Enough! I rise from the table

Charge at the hands held up in 11:59 defense

Tick Tick Don’t-hurt-Tick

How can it still be 11:59?

Did I fall into the twilight zone, hypnotized by treachery?

Tick Tick Who-me-Tick

I rip it from the wall and turn it around to see

No battery…fear prickles up my neck

Tick Tick How-could-Tick

Then it dawns

I’m listening to the clock from another room.

It’s 1:03. And the phone rings.

Well played…





Challenge update:

  • Blog post 6/52 – check
  • Writing in the screenplay – check – word count up 1342
  • Drawing – check
  • Feet writing & drawing – check.

Until next time…