Evolution of a blog under pressure

So, I’ve been under a bit of pressure, admittedly of my own making, because if I want to complete my goal for this year, I now need to do 13 more posts (after this one) in the next 14 days, and a whole bunch of other stuff. The due date is midnight on June 24th.

Yeah, I know. This might not be that easy. The pressure to succeed at this has pushed me a good distance out of my original blogging comfort zone and into some strange new territory, so if you had started with me on this blogging journey you quite possibly might be making this face at the posts coming out now.

Although this may cause some to slowly back away, shaking their heads, I’m actually finding that I’m enjoying what I’m doing now more. I always wanted this to be a creative outlet, and although I could (and did) say that doing documentary reviews was a way of practicing writing, it definitely was, but at the same time it wasn’t. You see, it felt a bit like I was holding back, and I was. Being an anonymous blogger was making me nervous, and honestly, a bit too careful.

Some care is always prudent, but I had clipped some of the creativity off my writers wings so I could fit into that box, when being under a rock is really more my style (It’s much easier to stick an arm or leg out into the air so you don’t get all musty like). So, in my push to make this challenge work, I’ve allowed myself to crawl out of my usual parameters just a wee bit more and let my creative wings flap free. And what have I discovered? Flapping is fun! And once you start, it’s kind of addictive. I now want to get creative more, and even though the idea of posting creative works like poetry and stories scared me in the beginning, I’m kind of getting used to it now. And I kind of like it.

So, does this mean I’ve forsaken my documentary reviewing roots? Skipped past the book reviews and random thought posts into the unknown lands of creative weirdness? Why is happy poetry, followed by sad poetry, followed by a review, followed by weird posts full of memes like this one?! And if it’s poetry, then why doesn’t it rhyme? What is all this silliness doing in a single forum! Have I no shame?

Nope! I am somewhat surprised to say that I don’t. Part of me feels like maybe I should stick with a theme, but it’s just too much fun spewing random weirdness into the internets. I think in my own way it’s actually a much better reflection of myself. I can’t comfortably fit into a box. I don’t feel the same way every day, I don’t think the same way every day, and what flits through my head today may or may not stick with me for a lifetime. And that’s OK. My poetry doesn’t have to rhyme. Because this is my space. And I have a permit.

So, yes, this blog has evolved into a random creative melting pot. Some stuff is better than other stuff. Either way, the evolution is under way. I’m pretty sure I’m going to make the blogging portion of my goal, and am grateful to how the pressure has helped me morph this place into the strange ranging medley it has become. I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I do.

And for your listening enjoyment, since it seems randomly appropriate, Queen & Bowie’s official video for Under Pressure, filled with some delightfully strange goodness (just in case, like I, you automatically get the opening riff of that song in your head whenever those words are uttered/written. You’re welcome. 🙂 ):


This weeks challenge update:

  • Blog post 39/52 – Now only 13 left!
  • Writing in the screenplay – Still on the to do…
  • Drawing – This too…
  • Feet writing & drawing – Done!

See you all again soon…