My new(ish) redonkulous goal.

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So, you may have noticed that I’ve been a bit… MIA. Apparently this is a reoccurring thing for me around Halloween – my blog writing stamina withers as things come up in my life that I must do, which always seem to present themselves in the more blustery time of the year. Anyway, I did them, and then I lounged around watching a lot of Buffy and Angel…and now I’m back to mesmerize and amaze you with documentary reviews, book reviews and various meandering thoughts about random things. And, yes, I did write that with a straight face. (Deadpan, baby.) Hold on to your hats folks!

I’m not really the kind of person to let myself off easy though. One cannot take a 77 day vacation from this blog and not have some ‘splainin to do. Well, ok, I already explained…but it was insufficient! I am a bad blogger. Bad. You might have missed me (well, let’s pretend someone did to keep up the pretense) and now I have to make up for it. I’m into penance, or perhaps a little self flagellation, to keep me humble. Before you make me pull out the cat-o-two-fluffy-tails (that’s all I have around here and they’re still attached to my cats, so it could get noisy…) I think I should clarify that the kind of punishment I’m actually chancing is to my pride. I am going to proclaim my challenge publicly, here, so that all ye who read can know my shame if I cannot do it, because for me, apparently, that is what blogging is all about.

The Challenge as of today is to continue with my 52 in 52 goal and complete a freaking rough draft of a book, which I will say needs to be about 50K for the word count. Yes, there is an echo in here. For those misfortunate enough to have read the previous post about challenging…or perhaps this original one you will know that this is not new. Yet, with the current 77 day zzzzzzzzzzzzzz I just took, it’s not going to be too easy.

So far I’ve managed 14 posts counting this one, so that leaves me with 38 posts left to do in the next 108 days, or roughly one post every 2-3 days ending on May 27, 2014. Since I was doing roughly weekly posts before and having some trouble keeping up…this seems a little insane. Whatev, I shouldn’t have fumbled the ball should I? Time to suck it up. On top of that I also need to write a 50K rough draft of a novel idea…and that means roughly 463 words a day. This is doable. Or don’table. Either way I’m going to give it the old college try, so get your ticket to this train wreck now!

What do I need from you? Geers or support please. I’ll take both. Send me a comment and let me know what you think of my goal and which side of the train wreck you’re on, the “heck ya” you can do it side, or the “pfft” who are you kidding side. For my May 27th post I’ll list and link to all the people who correctly knew how this was going to turn out so that both people who read this blog will know your greatness, and if that ends up just being me on this list… well, I deserved that.

Fine print: Non-personal blogs aka spam or sales only oriented blogs (so you don’t actually blog on your blog….bloggedy blog blog, this sentence needs more blog! BLAAAWG!…ah…oh yeah…fine print stuff) need not apply.